Frequently Asked Questions

The Car Clinic of Miami hours: We are open Monday – Friday from 7:30am-5:30pm

We recommend setting up an appointment if you plan on waiting for your vehicle or if you need it by a specific time frame to ensure the time is set aside for your car for your convenience.

Yes we do. Call us at (305) 449-9585 for details.

Yes you can, but it depends on the type of repair. If it is a time consuming repair or your car has multiple issues to be diagnosed we would recommend leaving it with us for evaluation until we can determine how long we will need your vehicle for. General maintenance items have a 1 hour to 2 hour wait time in which we will gladly accommodate while you wait.

Yes we do as well a flat screen TV for your entertainment.

We know you don’t always have money set aside to deal with unexpected repairs. Our primary goal is to keep you safe in your car and to make sure it last for you as long as you want it to. We will always help you prioritize repairs in order of importance, letting you know what absolutely needs to be done to keep you and your family safe, and what things you can safely put off if needed. We also offer financing for 6 months with zero percent interest (as long as it is paid off in full within 6 months on purchases over $199)! Note, though, that this is a third party that we work with to help our customers out and you will need to submit an application and qualify.

We wish we could provide accurate estimates over the phone for you. However, we believe we’d be doing you a disservice if we were to do so. Have you had a doctor diagnose you over the phone? Your car is just like your body except it can’t speak to tell us what is wrong with it! There is no way to tell exactly what your car might need before we’ve gotten our eyes and hands on it.

There are so many things that can cause the same symptoms, so many differences from year to year and model to model, and so many variables that we can’t possibly know without your car in front of our trained technicians we’d hate to tell you one thing over the phone and than find out that it’s something completely different once we look at it. That’s not a good scenario for either of us!

That being said we will NEVER do any work that you haven’t approved. Once our highly trained technicians inspect your vehicle and we work up an estimate, you can rest assured that the price we quote you includes all parts, labor, taxes and our amazing local and national warranty, AND that there will be no surprises in the end.

Of course! We warranty most of our repairs for 36 months or 36,000 miles, which is better than most dealers! We also back that up with a 3 yr. NATIONWIDE warranty so that you are covered for our repairs no matter where your travels may take you.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, synchrony car care cards, and Snap Finance.

What is a ‘No Hassle’ warranty? At one time or another, everyone has been in the situation where something went wrong with your automotive repair. Something is wrong with your automotive repair. Now it turns into fight just to get it resolved. You are being made to feel that you are dishonest or too demanding. Maybe that new brake job is squeaking. You are told to just keep driving it. That brand new window motor is making noise. You are told that the window is closing the way it should and to disregard the fact that it sounds like a box of rocks. Simply stated, no hassle warranty is just what it sounds like. You have a warranty issue with anything we did; we are going to take care of it period. No fighting, no screaming, no finger pointing. Just a stand up, step up to the plate, rock solid policy of customer satisfaction.

This is a common question. Years ago, when scopes were first released, they were considered the latest in automotive diagnostics technology. Just hook up this machine to your car and it’ll automatically tell us what all of the problems are, right? Not exactly…we use the most current factory scanners to help diagnose issues affecting your automobile. These machines output data that helps our certified technicians figure out what work needs to be performed on your vehicle. The information the machines provide only offers clues to what may be wrong, however, and it is only the expert mechanics who will be able to interpret this data and along with their own analysis of your vehicle provide you with a definitive diagnosis of what needs to be done.

The simple answer is no. The control systems in today’s vehicles are very complex. The control systems themselves and the diagnostic equipment we use to communicate with them must always have up to date software to work as they were designed to. Although, even with the most current diagnostic software and tools, they will not give a definite answer to what is wrong with the vehicle. These tools will let the trained technician see the same information and data the vehicles control systems are seeing. The trained technician must then interpret this data, and along with their own analysis of your vehicle, provide you with a definitive diagnosis of what needs to be done

Yes we do. We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure you receive the services you need. Please be prepared to provide your warranty contract and the contact information of your warranty company so that we may start a claim right away.

Warning lights are your car’s way of communicating with you. You should never ignore a warning light. You can check your owner’s manual to find out what the different warning lights mean. Some are more serious than others. If your check engine light is flashing it is really trying to get your attention! This generally means to pull over right away and get it towed before more damage is done. If the light is on solid you can safely drive home, but get it checked out as soon as possible before the problem potentially gets worse. There are literally hundreds of sensors and computers that monitor and control your engine; any one of these can be the culprit. It could be something very minor, or it could be something serious. When it comes to the life of your vehicle and the safety of you and your family it is always better to be safe than sorry. Don’t put off getting it checked out!

Believe it or not getting your oil changed is actually the least important part of getting your oil changed! The real value is in the qualified set of eyes looking at your car on a somewhat regular basis and finding potential problems before they get bigger, more expensive, or leave you stranded! Not all shops, and definitely no “speedy” lube shops are doing a comprehensive inspection when they do your oil service. We know you don’t always want to know that there is something potentially wrong with your car no one likes spending money on car repair! However, just like if you went to the doctor and she failed to tell you that you had a lump or a spot that she was concerned about it’s our job to find and let you know about problems before they get worse. We use only high quality parts, keep you car clean and will never sell you work you don’t need.

There is a lot of different advice and information out there! We’re not surprised so many people ask us this question. Here are a few things that we believe. We know you’re busy. If we say 3,000 miles sometime you might push it till 5,000! And while that is not the end of the world if we told you 5,000 and you pushed it to 8,000 now we start running the risk of causing bigger problems. The cost of oil and a filter is so very inexpensive in comparison to potentially needing to change expensive engine parts (or the whole engine!) due to lack of regular maintenance. This is especially true on newer cars that are more and more dependent on good oil pressure. Some manufacturers are recommending that you can go as long as 15,000 miles on synthetic oil! We think they just want you to need to buy a new car sooner! Too much maintenance is always going to be less expensive than too little in the long run.

We recommend the following:
Conventional oil: 3 month / 3,000 miles Synthetic: 5 months / 5,000 miles

Not at all! According to the Magnusson moss act, your vehicle manufacturer can not require you to bring your car to them for repairs in order to maintain your warranty as long as you can provide documentation that you have fulfilled minimum requirements of maintenance.

We use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts whenever possible. In some scenarios we will use non-OEM parts that we have determined to be of high enough quality that we are willing to put our name and warranty behind them.

Unfortunately we are not open on the weekends. We believe that everyone deserves time with his or her families and to rest and recuperate. We think that we can do better work during the week and give your car and you the attention that you deserve after a restful weekend! That being said we do everything we can during the week to make it as easy as possible to have your car serviced.

No problem! We have a night drop box so that you can leave your car after hours. If you can’t pick up during work hours we’ve got you covered there too. We’ll simply take payment over the phone. No matter what your schedule we’ll work with you to make having your car serviced as convenient and easy as possible

Come check us out! Meet us in person or check out our wonderful google reviews! We strive to make the entire experience as pleasant as possible and each of our team members works hard to ensure you feel comfortable, well informed, and treated as a guest in our establishment. Once your vehicle has been diagnosed or inspected by our certified technicians our service writer, we will go over all the findings thoroughly and take the time to answer any concerning questions. We also go the extra mile as far as providing pictures and visually showing you what’s happening to your vehicle using props if the damage is not visible on the car.

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