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ac repairThere is no better feeling than getting into your vehicle on a hot Miami day and turning on the ice-cold AC. But what do you do if your AC suddenly stops working, either by blowing the wrong temperature air (think hot) or by not blowing at all? You bring it to The Car Clinic of Miami for AC repair in Miami, FL, of course! Our team can get your AC blowing as cold as you remember it, or, if you want to simply avoid a failing AC, we can perform scheduled service to keep it running the right way. AC service usually includes a check of the system pressures, vacuuming the system to eliminate any moisture, charging the system with the correct amount of Freon, adding fluorescent dye that can help us locate leaks, and performing a thorough inspection of all the AC system components.

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AC service is an important part of keeping your car running smoothly. The AC system helps to keep the engine cool, and it also helps to keep the interior of the car comfortable. AC service should be done every few years to make sure that the AC system is working properly. AC service usually includes a check of the AC system, a check of the AC compressor, and a check of the AC coils. At The Car Clinic of Miami, we have all of the equipment needed to do a thorough AC service, including diagnostic tools and AC parts. AC service can be done in a few hours, and it is typically not very expensive. Make an appointment with us today, and we’ll keep your AC in great shape!

AC Repair Miami FL

One of the most common AC repair issues is a leak in the system. AC leaks can occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common cause is a problem with the AC seals. Over time, these seals can dry out and crack, allowing refrigerant to escape. Other AC repair issues include compressor failure and an AC recharge. The AC compressor is responsible for circulating refrigerant throughout the system, and it can fail prematurely if it isn’t properly maintained. An AC recharge is necessary when the AC system is low on refrigerant. This can happen if there’s a leak in the system or if the AC hasn’t been serviced in a while. AC repair in Miami, FL, can be a complex process, so it’s always best to bring your AC issues to the professional team at The Car Clinic of Miami!

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When your car needs AC service or AC repair in Miami, FL, The Car Clinic of Miami is waiting to help you out. Let’s face it; a broken AC in the Miami heat is more than an emergency; it can be downright dangerous. So before your AC goes out completely, or if it already has, make an appointment with the AC experts at The Car Clinic of Miami. We’ll have you rolling in comfort again in no time flat!

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